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A Healthy Gut for a Thriving Life

Recent studies consistently confirm that enhancing your gut health leads to improvements across all facets of your life.

LifeMod Solutions provides straightforward, evidence-based therapies that promote a happier, healthier gut through holistic health strategies.

Meet Your Bloating, IBS & Gut Expert:

Dr. Loredana Marzullo Shapson

Expertise Meets Compassion
Meet the heart and soul behind LifeMod Solutions, Dr. Loredana Marzullo Shapson. With a rich background as a Licensed Pharmacist and certifications as a Primal Health Coach and Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Dr. Loredana brings a wealth of knowledge, research, and personal experience to her practice. Her journey from confronting her own health challenges to guiding thousands towards their wellness goals embodies her commitment to transforming lives.
Dr. Loredana Marzullo Shapson
Bloating, IBS & Gut Expert
Holistic Pharmacist

Why Dr. Loredana?

Holistic Expertise:

Over +15 years of holistic health research backed by science, grounded in both Western and Eastern medicine philosophies.

Certified Professional:

From being a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), a Functional Nutritional Therapist to Muscle Testing and Reiki Level II Practitioner, her diverse qualifications speak volumes.

Personalized for You

Your health journey is unique. We alter our programs to align with your individual health goals and challenges, ensuring your success.

I Know What You're Going Through

Get Rid of Bloat and IBS in Just Two Weeks!

I’ve battled bloating, acid reflux, and constipation, feeling like my gut issues controlled my life. After drinking water, I’d even look pregnant! Despite spending over $5000 on supplements, doctor visits, and tests, I still faced challenges. I don’t want you to go through what I did.

Join me on a journey to revitalized gut health with our groundbreaking online course, right from your phone.

With just 5-10 minutes a day, get expert guidance and support. Connect directly with Dr. Loredana via in-app messaging for a dedicated partner in your journey to a happier, healthier you.

Your journey to wellness is personal, and so is my approach to helping you achieve it. Let's unlock your body's natural healing potential together.

Our Services: A Path to Wellness

1-on-1 Coaching:

Dive deep into personalized health coaching that addresses your unique needs.

Virtual Classes:

Get started right away! Join our Bye Bye Bloat and IBS Course, our 21 Day Body Transformation, or LifeMod’s 12-Week Holistic Health Mastery.

Speaking, Podcasts & Corporate Wellness

Invite Dr. Loredana to speak at your next event, to be on your podcast, or elevate the health of your organization with our expert-led seminars and workshops.

Discover LifeMod's Unique Approach

Why Choose LifeMod Solutions?


We focus on scientifically proven therapies to ensure you obtain accurate, unbiased advice.

Comprehensive Integrative Health

We cover all bases for a holistic health overhaul including nutritional advice, emotional wellbeing, lifestyle modifications, and supplement recommendations.

Root Cause Resolution

We go beyond symptoms to uncover and address the underlying root causes of your health challenges so you can get healthy, faster.

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