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LifeMod Solutions is passionate about bringing health and wellness into the workplace. In her sessions, Dr. Loredana teaches about wellness and shares actionable lifestyle modifications. Her goal is to improve the collective health of the community through increased motivation and health awareness.

Corporate Wellness Webinars: Invest in Health, See ROI

Research increasingly shows that companies that invest in health and wellness programs outperform others on the stock market and lead to better business outcomes in the workplace.

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Dr. Loredana’s Featured Session Topics

Uncover the not-so-obvious health challenges of working from home and why they happen. Learn actionable health hacks for better sleep, improved physical function and dietary decision making.

Topics: Insomnia, Eye Strain, Burnout and Overworking, Mindless Eating, Pain and Stiffness

The recent viral pandemic taught us that we must improve our overall immunity and health. Discover the wonders of the immune system, why gut health matters, and learn which foods, supplements and toxins work as immune boosters and immune breakers.

With so many diets out there like Whole30, Paleo or Keto, which approach is best? Weight management is all about balancing hormones. That’s determined by what you put into your body, not the number of calories. Learn what healthy weight loss looks like, what to eat and why, and actionable tips to get you successfully started on your journey.

What is fasting and is it right for you? We discuss intermittent fasting, 24-hour fasts, multiple day fasting, and more. Learn the myths, the benefits, how to choose the right fast for your goals, and tips and tricks for success.

You will learn what increases your risk for developing allergies, gut health connection to allergies, lifestyle modifications to improve your allergies long term and 9 steps to improve your allergies now.

Dr. Loredana loves collaborating with your team to fit your organization’s needs.

Each session is 60 minutes in length and includes time for Q&A session.

Additional Corporate Wellness Program

RESTART®: A 5-week Virtual Nutrition Class

What Corporate Wellness Attendees Are Saying…

“Loredana provided a lively and interactive presentation on “Work from Home Health Hacks” to our global practice. After a year plus of remote working our team had developed some very unhealthy habits. In our session Loredana provided the team some super helpful tactical advice to help with our sleep, eating, physical work habits.” – David T., FTI Consulting
"Dr. Loredana’s webinar was extremely informative and she kept it light and fun, which allowed the audience to really connect with her. Further, the issues and action steps addressed extend far beyond our current work from home situation under the global pandemic. I would highly recommend Dr. Loredana’s webinar to anyone – whether as part of a corporate event/meeting or individually. “  -Nicole W., FTI Consulting
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