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Eliminate Gut Issues in 2 Weeks for Good!

Bye Bye Bloat and IBS for Women
2 Week Online Program

What Bye-Bye Bloat Participants are Saying...

My bloat reduced and I lost a few pounds. Sleeping has improved as well. My pants are fitting better and I am feeling more confident.

I feel less bloated, more focused, more clear thinking, more energetic, and I have lost weight. I am less gassy and I’m now pooping daily.

Bloat has reduced between 50%-75%! Overall I feel more energized and less mentally foggy. I did not have a headache at all last week. Poop is improving and I am down 4lbs!

Are you tired of feeling bloated, gassy, and uncomfortable?

Do you have stomach pain, acid reflux, constipation, or other stomach issues?

Are you irritable, moody, brain fogged, can’t lose weight, have an autoimmune condition or trouble sleeping?

If so, you’re not alone.

Millions of women suffer from gut problems, and many of them are not getting the answers they need from their doctors.

This program makes healing your gut easy. 


And it doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars in lab tests and functional medicine doctor fees.

 Common Complaints in my Office: 

“All of my lab tests are normal but I still have stomach problems!”

Bloodwork, colonoscopy, endoscopy, capsule study.  

Prescription acid blocker help a little or not at all.

“Functional Medicine Doctors are too expensive!”

Functional Medicine Doctor Fee

$1600 ($400/hr x 4)

Stool Test

$300 (with no review)

SIBO Breath Test

$300 (with no review)

Other Blood Work

$250 (out of pocket)




Deductible/Insurance copay


Deductible/Insurance copay



I have a solution for you!

Eliminate Bloating & IBS in 2 Weeks for Good!  


Bye Bye Bloat & IBS for Women

2-week Online Program

Simplified gut healing

Same functional medicine principles

Proven protocol used on myself and hundreds of patients

Zero lab tests

Save time

Save money

Heal Fast

Three Supplements included ($93 value)

Convenient course delivery in LifeMod’s smartphone app

Price $247

HSA Accepted!

My bowel movements are more normal and easier.

I lost 3 pounds and my face does not look so puffy.

I’m sleeping better and my bloat is down.

I suffered from bloating, acid reflux and constipation

I know what you are going through. I would look pregnant after drinking water! 

Most times, my bloat was random and unpredictable. One day I would be okay, the next I would feel so full, acid reflux, irritable, moody and brain fogged. Then eventually I bloated at my first sips of water every morning. 

I became fearful of social gatherings and felt trapped by my gut issues limiting my life. 

My doctor didn’t help me, in fact, the antibiotic prescribed made my bloat worse. 

I spent well over $5000 of dollars out of pocket in online gut courses, supplements and lab tests and I still struggled with bloat. 

So, I took matters into my own hands. I healed my own gut and I found the missing piece from my previous gut therapies.  

Since 2020, I’ve been using these strategies with my patients with great success. And, now I’ve packed my tips, tricks and tools into this 2 week program. I share it all with you, no secrets kept! 

I want to prevent you from making the same mistakes I did.

I’m on a mission to help  as many women live their best life by simplifying gut health without the breaking the bank!

14+ Years of Health Research

In private clinical practice since 2018

Over +2,800 1-on-1 patient visits

Licensed Pharmacist (PharmD)

Gut Health Expert 

Certified Primal Health Coach (PHC)

Functional Nutritional Therapist (FNTP)

Toxicity and Detox Specialist

Certified Integrative Pharmacy Specialist


Muscle Response Testing Practioner

Morphogenic Field Technique Practitioner

Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

Reiki Level II Practitioner

Energy Medicine Practitioner

We accept HSA and flex spending credit cards


30-day money-back guarantee! 

What LifeMod Patients are Saying...

After eating, I would immediately feel gassy and bloated, with an extremely distended belly as if I were pregnant. I was tired, and very low energy everyday but unable to stay asleep. After LifeMod’s Program, my bloating is gone, and gas non existent. I’m no longer drained and the frequency fo headaches has reduced

I suffered from constipation most of my life, and felt like my stomach was always bloated and full. My weight was bad and I was always tired. I was in a fog all of the time and had trouble focusing and concentrating on basic tasts. Within a week of starting LifeMod, my stomach felt a million times better. My skin looks better and I’m happier. I have energy and I’m sleeping through the night now. I haven't needed any pain meds.

I was having constant stomach pains that it drove me to ER 3 times within 3 months. They did nothing for me and each time I was sent home with all lab and imaging tests ’normal’. Everything I ate seemed to bother me and my stomach aches became normal. I would wake each morning feeling stiff, nauseous and like I got hit by a bus, Within in 2 weeks of LifeMod, I had no more stomach pains! My bloating was gone and the bathroom was no longer a second home. I started sleeping 7-8 hours a night and i felt less terrible when I woke.

This program will help:

How Does the Program Work?

Course Content in LifeMod Smartphone App

The course is delivered through LifeMod’s convenient Android and iPhone app so you can fit it into your busy life. The course will drop into your calendar on a Monday that you choose within 1 month of your purchase date. 

Lessons appear every weekday Monday through Friday

Each day takes 5-10 minutes to review content of videos, images, and text. You can set up a push notification reminder so you won’t miss a lesson.

Once weekly check ins with Dr. Loredana

At the end of each week,  I direct message you to check in and offer you individualized support.

Access to Private Facebook Group

Get access to a private Facebook where you will connect with other women working on their gut health.  

Live Q&A with Dr. Loredana

Every 3rd Monday of the month, join our 1-hour LIVE Q&A ZOOM call with me. Get your pressing gut health concerns answered and to meet others who are also in the course!

All Communication happens in the App

You can reach me at anytime in one convenient location.

Course Roadmap
It's easy!

Week 1: Lifestyle Changes and Preparation 

  • This week is all about prep and setting you up for success!
  • No food changes happen yet, only lifestyle changes to improve digestion.
  • Get recipes and a food list with items you can find at your regular grocery store. 
  • You will receive a shipment with starting supplements 

Week 2: How to fix your bloat and stomach issues once and for all!

  • Food changes begin and you start taking supplements. 
  • You’ll be eating foods that heal the gut and avoiding foods that harm the gut. 
  • You’ll feel satisfied, energetic and have reduced cravings. You’ll eliminate bloating and feel happier. 
  • You’ll receive the next 5 months plan with easy to follow directions on how to rebuild and maintain your gut health. 
  • Each month you bring foods BACK into your nutrition. 
  • You’ll be eating everything and anything without issues! 


Join a 1 hour Live ZOOM Q&A with Dr. Loredana –
Every 3rd Monday of the month, join a 1 hour Live ZOOM Q&A call with Dr. Loredana and meet other program members. Can’t make it? Get access to the recording. You can send me questions anytime within the app.  You’ll have access to join this call regardless of when the 2 week program falls into your calendar. 

Bonus Bonus:
Get access to private Facebook community  
Connect with other women who are also on the same journey to heal their guts. This is a great place to get support, ask questions, and share progress.

We accept HSA and flex spending credit card

30 day money back guarantee! 


You should join the course if....

Why Now?

So if you’re ready to say goodbye to bloating, gas, acid reflux and stomach pain, then sign up for my online program Bye Bye Bloat for Women today!

We accept HSA and flex spending credit cards


30 day money back guarantee! 

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