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Why Quinoa is Better than Rice

Quinoa (keen-wah) is considered one of the world’s healthiest foods and is a powerhouse of nutrition that offers an array vitamins and minerals in every serving. While it is often referred to as an “ancient grain,” it is actually not a grain or cereal grain but a seed. That makes it gluten free! Learn why I use quinoa in place of rice, and how to cook […]

Why Olive Oil is the Superstar of Dietary Fats

The Mediterranean diet has long been touted for its prevention of degenerative diseases and an extended longevity. While there are some differences in the traditional Mediterranean dietary pattern, from Italy to Greece and Croatia, they all share the same use of olive oil as the main culinary fat. Today, we dive into what makes olive […]

Pasture-Raised, Free Range or Organic Chicken?

When it comes to food, quality is everything. We are what we eat, but we are also what that thing ate. Meat packaging labels can be tricky, but once they are understood, we have the opportunity to select animals raised with consideration for their species specific diet and lifestyle, as well as the health and […]

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