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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Loredana Marzullo Shapson, PharmD, NTP

Owner, Nutritional Therapist and Wellness Coach

Dr. Loredana earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD) at Temple University in 2012 and is a practicing pharmacist, licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In addition, she is a certified Primal Health Coach (PHC), a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP), a Reiki Level II practitioner, a Toxicity and Detox Specialist, and also trained in bioenergetic therapies as well as muscle response testing techniques including Morphogenic Field Technique and Nutrition Response Testing®, each of which analyze neurological reflexes.

Whatever you put in your mouth, whether it be a food, a prescription medication, a dietary supplement, a nutraceutical, a herb, you name it, Dr. Loredana has the unique advantage of understanding how it impacts your health.

After working in a pharmacy for more than 12 years, Dr. Loredana realized that prescription medications are not the answer to our chronic health problems, rather they act as band-aids, masking symptoms and ignoring the root causes of illness and disease. Thus, disease continues and progresses, new symptoms arise, and health continues to degrade.

Dedicating her life to research, continuing education and training, Dr. Loredana has uncovered the leading factors that negatively impact our health. From pain to purpose, she has successfully reversed her own health challenges including high blood pressure, weight loss, adrenal fatigue, and recurrent bacterial infections, requiring multiple rounds antibiotics. She was diagnosed with high blood pressure at 19 years old, worked through three doctors that chalked it up to hereditary factors, and took 2 prescription medications for over a decade. After uncovering her root causes, which included heavy metal toxicity mercury and aluminum, she learned how to detox the body. She is overjoyed that her pressure has normalized and she no longer needs daily prescription medications! Her goals are to get you off of those prescriptions too! 

Dr. Loredana is passionate about helping others regain control of their health so they can take on life’s challenges full of youth, energy and vitality! 

Nutrition Response Testing® is a service mark owned by Dr. Freddie Ulan and is used with his permission.

“Health is not measured by the absence of disease, rather it is a state of optimal functioning where we build reserves to draw on when life needs us most.” 

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