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LifeMod Success Stories

“I felt hopeless after seeing my G.I. doctor for so many visits, with no resolution. I was left physically and emotionally exhausted. I experienced extreme bloating with physical discomfort, and anxiety from all of my G.I. distress. Later symptoms included frequent urination and ovarian pain. Now, I finally feel after two years that I am on the road to recovery. Frequent urination and ovarian pain has dissipated. My G.I. distress is improving with each visit. My regular anxiety has decreased. I feel the most myself that I have felt in years!” – K.F

“I was diagnosed with celiac disease and chronic migraines. I was on several daily prescription medications and a strict gluten-free diet, however, I was still suffering. I continued to get several headaches a week and my celiac symptoms weren’t improving. I often have sleep issues, dry mouth and eyes, itchy skin and lots of stomach issues. Now, since meeting with Dr. Loredana regularly for six months, my symptoms have improved greatly. I’m sleeping much better, I’m less itchy, and I no longer suffer from constipation and other stomach issues. I have come off my migraine medicines and my headaches have decreased in frequency and severity by about 80%. Most importantly, my celiac blood work has improved significantly.” – S.T

“I was in pain constantly. My fibromyalgia made even a simple task like cooking or shopping a source of anxiety. “How long before my back gives out?” “How far did I park again?” Socializing was strained at best if there was any physical activity or even just standing. Now, I can cook, clean, go for walks. I feel like a regular person for the first time in nearly a decade. My relationship with food has drastically improved and I’m so excited to see where this takes me.” – M.K

“Suffered with vertigo for the past 5 or 6 years. At times it would put me down for at least 3 days. Also always felt a fullness in my left ear and ringing. Since started LifeMod, I have not experienced any episodes of vertigo and the fullness and ringing are almost 90% better. Also feel like I have extra energy. Thank you, Loredana!” – J.M

“I had tried almost everything but still continued to battle migraines, fatigue, stomach issues, mood swings and weight gain. It was clear that conventional approaches weren’t working but I needed to do something to get on track and take back control. In just about a month, I have seen a huge improvement in how I feel and have a much more positive outlook. My migraines are nonexistent, I am sleeping better, I feel more rested and have more energy throughout the day. I am not dragging like I used to and have a established a great, healthy routine. I feel more in control and like the fog has cleared. I can concentrate better, get more done and be a better wife, mom, friend, coworker than I was before. Dr. Loredana has help me change my life so don’t get back on track thank you for the bottom of my heart!” -M.M.

“I was in constant pain. I felt like I would wake up each day feeling sore, stiff, nauseous and almost like I got hit by a bus. I was not sleeping for more than 3-4 hours each night because I felt like my body would fight sleep. Everything I ate seem to bother my stomach and “Lauren’s stomach aches” became the norm. Now I am pain-free! I am sleeping 7-8 hours each night and feeling less terrible when I wake up! My diet changes have helped me dramatically. My stomach is less bloated and achy and the bathroom is no longer a second home. I am so thankful I have found LifeMod Solutions and I look forward to the more success and a healthier life.” – L.G.

“Before I came into to LifeMod Solutions, my sleeping was off, waking up tired, bloated feelings, frequent bowel movements sometimes three a day, energy levels fading in the afternoon, and had arthritis pain in joints in my knees and feet. Now, I am sleeping well, wake up refreshed, not bloated and down 20 pounds, bowel movements are one time per day in the morning, my energy is up up up. My foot pain is almost gone, and my knee pain is gone.” – S.G.

“It is amazing the difference I feel in just a small amount of time. My acid reflux is totally gone and so is the bloating. I have regular bowel movements and feel so much more comfortable in my clothes. My stomach is so much smaller as before I looked a few months pregnant. I have SO much more energy and the brain fog is gone. Still have occasional hot flashes but the heart palpations are gone.” – R.A.

“Before I came to see Loredana at LifeMod, I was running out of solutions for how to improve my health…which caused me to become mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted. I was having trouble sleeping and waking up in the middle of the night multiple times per week drenched in night sweats. I was more exhausted when I woke up than when I went to sleep [despite coming] straight home from work, often skipping dinner to go right to bed. This was not ok for only being 27 years old!! I am so happy to see all of the progress. Loredana identified my night sweats. Guess what? No more night sweats and I am not craving sugary sweets anymore! On top of that, I can honestly say that my snoozing has been cut in half! There are even days where I don’t snooze at all (which is a huge win in my book). With her guidance I have been able to slowly change the way I am thinking about nutrition and make healthier choices even when going out to eat. She has helped me learn to read nutrition labels and substitute products that are healthier for my body. She has helped me celebrate my small wins and also challenges me to learn the tools so I can continue to be successful for the long haul! As my nutrition routines improved and my body began healing with the supplements, Loredana has also helped me incorporate workouts back into my regular routine. I used to dread working out because of how much energy it drained out of me. Now, I work out every day and have more energy than ever!! She had helped me learn how to work out SMARTER, not harder. I’m so thankful for everything Loredana has done to help me get back on track and can’t wait to continue to help my body be the best it can be!!” – M.N.

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